14 Perfect Cat and Dog Tattoos

14 Perfect Cat and Dog Tattoos

Are you a cat fan? If so, you would probably be interested in cat tattoos, right? Of course you would! Now, what if you’re a dog fan? Does that mean you would be interested in dog tattoos? Well, yeah! We have the best of both worlds as we’ve put together a list of both cat tattoos and dog tattoos. We thought about doing these as separate lists but since these are the most common house pets in the world, we thought that they belonged together. So, without further delay, scroll down and take a look at the mixture of cat tattoos and dog tattoos. We know that you’re going to have a blast with this cool list!

Cat Portrait

This cat tattoo is exceptionally well done. We would absolutely love to know who the artist behind this one is. Why? Because we think they deserve one heck of a compliment. Seriously, this is one of the best tattoos that we’ve seen and that it saying a whole lot!

French Bulldog Tattoo

This tattoo is of a French bulldog and even though we aren’t sure what the actual dog looks like, we’re willing to bet that this tattoo is spot on. Either way, it’s a great looking tattoo and we think it’s most definitely worthy of being one of the dog tattoos listed.

Cartoon Cat Tattoo

What good would a list that includes cat tattoos be if we didn’t have a little bit of fun with it? Not very good at all! That’s why we decided to throw up this cartoon cat tattoo and see what everyone thought about it. We think it’s fun, cheerful, and deserves to be on the list!

Funny Dog Tattoo

To go along with the cartoon cat tattoo above, we decided to include this funny dog tattoo as well. Not only is this dog tattoo funny but it could also be considered cute. After all, who doesn’t think a dog wearing baby clothes is cute? We most definitely think so!

Nasty Cat Tattoo

This is one of the most circulated tattoos on the Internet. Chances are, you’ve already seen it but being that it is a tattoo of a cat, we knew it belonged on this list. There’s not much that we can say about this tattoo other than “it’s funny.” Make sure you share it! Check Out BunBraids.com

Good Dog Tattoo

Getting back to more serious tattoos, this is a very well done dog tattoo that has a lot of good detail and some very basic colors. In fact, it almost looks like a real dog. Do you agree? Either way, you have to admit one thing. This is one exceptional dog tattoo.

Cat Outline

This very well could be one of the coolest cat tattoos that we’ve ever seen. It has “cat lover” written all over it and anyone that owns a cat should consider getting a tattoo like this one. What do you think about it? Is this tattoo too simple or is it the perfect tattoo?

Tribal Dog Tattoo

Next up on our list is a very interesting tribal dog tattoo. We’ve seen a ton of dog tattoos in our day but never have we seen a tribal dog tattoo. It’s a very interesting concept and we think it’s something that could potentially catch on in the tattoo community one day.

Black Cat Design

We’ve seen this tattoo (or at least an image similar) in the past but only now are we sharing it. Why? We aren’t quite sure. It’s a very amusing cat tattoo and it definitely deserves to be mentioned but we aren’t quite sure what the significance of this one is.

Simple Dog Tattoo

This is a very simple dog tattoo but don’t let that take anything away from this tattoo. It’s still a very well thought out piece and we’re sure it means a lot to the person that got it. While we can’t say a whole lot about this tattoo, we hope the ink itself does the talking.

Laser Cat

This tattoo combines two of the coolest things on the planet: cats and lasers. Who could argue that? No one! So, if you’re a fan of laser shooting cats then the premise of this tattoo is definitely something that you’re going to be interested in. What do you think?

Royal Dog

Equally as cool as the tattoo above, this dog tattoo is all about royalty. We thought we had seen it all until we ran across this tattoo and that’s what made us share it. We hadn’t seen it all and we had definitely never seen a dog tattoo quite as cool as this one is.

Wrist Tattoo

While this tattoo isn’t necessarily anything unique or special (we do like it though), the placement of this tattoo is nearly perfect. If you ever plan on getting something simple and straight to the point, you may want to considering getting the ink on your wrist.

Back Tattoo

Finally, we decided to end things in dramatic fashion. In other words, we saved the best tattoo (in our opinion) from our list for last. Not only is this particular dog tattoo a real treat but it’s well done, in a great spot, and is sure to be the talk of the town. Literally!

Did you have fun checking out our list of cat tattoos as well as dog tattoos? If so, you should totally share it with your friends. Almost everyone in the world has a love for cats, dogs, or both. If they knew how cool some of these tattoos were, they would probably get another cat or dog altogether. Okay, so maybe not. Either way, we hope that you had fun checking out the list and will take the time to explore our site. We have so much more!

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